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Trevor Day is Reading and Writing for Results

Trevor is a UK writer, writing coach, trainer and researcher. He has helped thousands of people write with greater power and precision.

It could be you,  your staff or students next …

  • Need a writing expert?
  • With extensive publishing experience?
  • With comprehensive teaching/training experience?
  • To guide and energise your staff or students?

Trevor Day has written or co-authored more than 40 published books in 17 languages, along with 70-plus peer-reviewed articles and book chapters plus numerous articles for the international press. He has composed guidebooks, press releases and educational materials for some of the most prestigious organisations in the UK, including research councils, science activity centres and top-ten universities. He has won and been short-listed for major commercial and educational writing awards. Trevor loves the craft of writing and inspiring others to immerse themselves in it too.

So how effective is he? [Link to drop down text]

At least 85% (usually 100%) of delegates attending Trevor’s workshops and courses at universities rate him excellent/good (the top two categories on a five point scale) across all assessment categories. Ongoing research shows that Trevor’s interventions change people’s confidence, practice, aspirations and awareness. Their writing productivity and success improves, whether for course assignments, theses or research publications.

What does he offer? [Link to drop down text]

  • Tailor-made interventions, from 2-hours to several days long. Most of Trevor’s interventions are half-day or one-day courses, or 2-day writing retreats on- or off-campus. Longer interventions involve a blend of group work and one-to-one attention, to maximise the benefits for participants.
  • Trevor is committed to fine-tuning process and content to meet you and your organisation’s specific needs, adapting to the culture of your organisation and incorporating the most relevant examples in course materials. Pre-course questionnaires are often sent to participants to help fine-tune course content and process.
  • Reading and Writing for Results provides all course materials. Follow-up guidance helps participants apply their learning in the weeks and months that follow.
  • There are no hidden costs. Liaison and preparation are included. Trevor’s fees are competitive. Because he is invariably asked to return and run further courses, he can absorb the costs of preparation and liaison and so can pass on the cost benefit to clients.
  • Trevor is flexible on ways and means while rigorous on outcomes. He is committed to providing the highest standards of training, with follow up support so that learning is embedded and has long-term impact. Trevor is engaged in research which follows up on the outcomes of a sample of participants who attend his and his colleagues’ courses.

What qualifies him to do this work? [Link to drop down text]

Trevor has been running a writing business since 1992. He is a qualified teacher and holds a PhD in Education from the University of Bath. Alongside his teaching and training background, he has extensive commercial and academic writing experience, having written or co-authored more than 40 books, 70 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and numerous articles for the international press. His works have sold in dozens of countries and have been translated into more than 17 languages.

Trevor publishes on academic writing and research and runs workshops at conferences. He helps others write case studies that interpret academic research for non-specialist audiences and in support of Research Excellence Framework (REF) submissions. Such case studies highlight the impact of research for the economy, environment and society.

Originally a marine biologist, Trevor is unusual in having writing and academic research experience across science and social science. More recently, he has been working with colleagues to guide those in the arts and humanities. He has the ‘soft skills’ to work with course participants on sensitive issues and the ‘hard skills’ to respond to an organisation’s needs. And he is always learning, keeping up with new developments in higher education and commerce to invigorate his practice, nurture insight and inspire others.

Relevant experience? [Link to drop down text]

Trevor Day was a Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund (RLF) at the University of Bath 2007-2011, and is now a writing consultant and facilitator at several UK universities, including Bath and Bristol. He undertakes writing-related research and development projects, and is a Development Consultant for the Royal Literary Fund, leading the RLF Consultant Fellows’ programme which trains professional writers to facilitate writing activities with staff and students in universities.

What next? [Link to drop down text]

Roam around the pages of this website to find out more. Or contact Trevor at or on +44 (0)1985 844822. Trevor is happy to offer guidance, without obligation.

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