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Success in academic writing by Trevor Day

Trevor’s Success in Academic Writing, now in its third edition, was originally written for undergraduates and taught postgraduates, but has also received high praise from research postgraduates, writing developers and academics.

The third edition, published in June 2023, continues the trajectory of the second edition, with its emphasis on criticality and creativity. It is written in a direct style and many worked examples make it accessible to those with learning differences and students for whom English is a second language. The third edition incorporates recent developments such as writing assessed blogs and current practices in cultivating academic integrity.

What reviewers had to say about the second edition:

If you only buy two books to use at university, make sure this is one of them. Researching and writing well for different purposes is part of every career, and this book provides an easy-to-handle comprehensive guide you can use whenever you need it. I recommend this book to all my UK and international students.
— Dr Marion Loeffler, Cardiff University, UK.

This is an outstanding text, full of brilliant advice, guidance and tips. It is the best guide to academic writing I have seen and I will be recommending this to my own students.
— Professor Gerry Czerniawski, University of East London, UK.

While there are lots of published books aimed at helping students with academic writing, this is a particularly good one. … While the text is aimed at university students, it really is a fantastic resource for those of us who work in student-facing roles or indeed anybody interested in writing. There are, necessarily given the subject matter under discussion, some quite dense chapters but Day’s method of breaking up text with frequent, easily-digested activities is a helpful approach. … The book is a good contribution towards demystifying the key mechanisms of academic writing at university and will therefore be a very useful text for students and LD practitioners alike.
— Christopher Little, Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, December issue, 2018.

The greatest strength of Success in Academic Writing, 2nd ed, lies in the style and approach taken by Day. He purposefully uses a personal tone to replicate the face-to-face conversation of a writing tutor and student. The start of each chapter begins in a conversational manner that sets the reader at ease and renders the information more accessible and the tasks more approachable.
— Laura McNabb, Journal of Professional and Academic English, December issue, 2018.

You can buy Success in Academic Writing from Bloomsbury (UK), Bloomsbury (US) or from your usual suppliers such as Amazon (UK), Amazon (US).

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