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What is your story? Writing lies at the heart of a university’s reason for being – the advancement of human knowledge,  creativity, understanding, professional practice and social engagement. For staff, writing is commonly the main vehicle for communication – whether internally to support the functioning of the university, whether reporting research findings to other academics, or whether engaging with the wider public.

For undergraduates and postgraduates, writing is the means by which they deepen their comprehension of the discipline and communicate that understanding, both as work-in-progress and for final assessment.

Writing is therefore both process and product. It is part of the essence of the creative process for many disciplines and it is also the means by which achievement is judged.

So, if you’re planning to bring someone into your university to work with your students or staff to develop their writing, or for them to help others develop their writing, where do you begin?

The beginning is a conversation. What are you seeking to achieve? For whom? Then we can talk about the how.

There are many options: half-day or one-day workshops; a combination of workshops and one-to-one sessions with participants; or on- or off-campus writing retreats of two to four days’ duration. Take a look at examples of interventions for staff, research postgraduates or taught postgraduates. All courses can be transformed for the online environment as two or more 90- to 120-minute sessions.

Begin the conversation today.

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