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Freeing your writing

  Freewriting – the act of writing as a stream of consciousness, without worrying about the usual conventions such as grammar and punctuation – is often cited by participants as amongst the most beneficial activities they experience in my workshops.…

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Managing your writing

Here I share my experience of working with doctoral students to better manage their thesis writing. If they can elegantly manage writing a thesis they are well set up to deal with the many writing challenges they will encounter in…

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Writing a first draft

The problem with academic writing is that it has so many conventions we are in danger of allowing them to stifle our creativity and productivity when we write. Years ago I read Dorothea Brande’s Becoming a Writer (published in 1934…

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How to read a scientific paper

Recently, I was lead author of a University of Bath online resource called Evaluating Scientific Research Literature. Aimed at helping science undergraduates read academic papers more critically, we involved postgraduates in designing it and undergraduates in testing it. I interviewed…

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